Buying a Wood Burning Stove – Burning Wood in Your Wood Burning Stove Helps Create Cleaner Air

Is wood burning a good way to help create cleaner air? A wood burning stove burns wood at a high temperature which produces considerablecleaner air output. Unlike fossil fuel heating and central heating, wood burning at a high temperature does not give off excess, noxious gases with noxious smoke. Wood burning stove owners have a good variety of products to meet the design and construction needs depending on the region you reside in.

Wood burning stoves are not allowed in all states to burn wood but because of the high pH of wood burning, code officers have reduced the BTU per wood burning stove to 50% of the area’s heating requirements whenever it is allowed. More high BTU equates to higher efficiency. In some areas where wood is scarce, there are restrictions making wood burning stoves 44 cm to surpass 65cm as the minimum wood burning stove size. Consult a professional to help you decide whether or not wood burning stoves will meet the heating requirements in your area.

Given that wood burning stoves emit more BTU’s per wood burning stove compare to a standard fuel burning furnace, you should consider the wood burning stove on an individual basis. The stove BTU per hour is based on the surface area of the firebox size and the efficiency ore efficiency of a wood burning stove as determined by the manufacturer. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where there is a lot of wood available burning wood has its advantages. If you’re thinking about installing a wood burning stove in your home, don’t purchase a stove designed for one or two rooms. Consider the room’s size to see if a st timer will adequately heat the room in which the stove will be installed. This is the most common mistake made by residential home owners. When choosing your wood burning stove, there are a number of different construction materials and insulation methods.

There are many different names for stoves. Probably the most common wood burning stove name is the fireplace. A fireplace is an unlit firebox that can be sunk into the ground or brick or stone. Another common wood burning stove design is the stove. Stoves are created to burn wood on the surface of a firebox floor. Ford and vinegar stoves are examples of household stove choice. Another popular choice is a pot belly stove. This is the type of wood burning stove that features a cast iron enclosure that has the lid as the chimney. In the case of a pot belly stove, the pot belly is a frame that holds firewood; the fire is burning from the bottom. This is the type of wood burning stove that was commonly seen in places of the world where infials or saltpeter is available. Another wood burning stove design is the enclosed pot belly. This is a cast iron stove with an insulated door and a chimney to generate its draft. If you have been heating your home with propane or gas, a pot belly stove is the choice for that situation.

When you have decided which type of wood burning stove you are going to purchase and you’ve chosen the ideal location for your wood burning stove, your next step is if you want to add more insulation to your stove to help protect the heat that is generated from that wood. Standard construction of a wood burning stove is not nearly as efficient as a pot belly stove and it is very quiet to operate. Installation of insulation is a great way to beautify your wood stove. Upgrading to a central wood burning stove can also significantly increase the value of your home. Most new wood burning stoves now come standard with a blower system to help distribute heat into the entire house.

If you have decided to economically heat your home with a wood stove, you have a wonderful source of heat that can help keep your home clean and comfortable whether you’re in it all the time or you’re at home most of the time. Only if you don’t have a wood burning stove yet, this source of heat will probably lead you to you choose one of the other alternative heating units. There are many alternative designs for wood stove heating. One other great advantage to a wood burning stove is that it is mostly environmental friendly. It is renewable and sustainable. Wood burning provides another alternative method for heating your home.