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I recently bought two knives that have the word “bonNZ” engraved in them, so I can’t understand why I would have anything else to do other than to pass them over to you. I must say that I’m surprised to see such a wide variety when it comes to air tools in this country. Instead of continuing this article with the details of my first trial, let’s first provide an example of these versatile tools:

Needle-n-Saw is an extremely useful tool for cutting or trimming irritable and decaying wallpaper, drywall tape or drywall compound. It works best with a drywall knife.

Grinder is a tool for grinding, grinding ad cutting. Technically, grinder may be defined as a tool that is used to set anything in an abrasive course by the action of grinding on large mass.

Hand-held drill is useful for drilling holes in the concrete, making holes in a siding, to install tiles, for doors and pipes. It can also be used for setting up screws.

The pansisook is for setting up screws in a tight space, under a table or elsewhere that requires cutting and drilling.

Framing saw makes a lot of quick work of building material preparation.

Solar- blaze cuts and cuts through fires and material caused by heat and flame.

The rolling cutter is used for arts and craft projects and requires a lot of cutting to cut materials like waste paper or card stock.

Scissors is used for on small glues or to cut wires.

The cylinder cutter, mounted on a desktop, is a handy tool for cleaning large areas.

A hack saw is used for metal cutting.

A drill press portable also provides a less functional but very useful tool for drilling holes in wet and hard surfaces.

Belsheder, used to nail bricks or pieces of wooden inside the wall. This is a tool for heavy cutting for a brick or block construction.

Saw is an electrical power tool used for cutting wood, plastic or masonry materials.

A drill press is a tool for drilling holes in walls, masonry board or block walls by fastening the head to a shaft and pulling it through a cut I plate, drilling a hole goes through the wall. By using a drill- press, you’ll be able to use less physical energy when cutting masonry materials.

A hack saw is used to cut metal pieces; however, this tool is used separately from the drill press.

The circular saw works on the principle of rotating blade. The cutting path of metal is altered by rotating the cutting head. By using a hack saw, the cutting process is much more easily accomplished. This blade makes straight cuts.

Is equipment going to be left outside or inside?

What kind of service do I want my tools to do?

What tools do I have in stock?

Shop carefully and plan carefully before you purchase equipment. What do you plan to do with your tools?

Keep an inventory, so you know what you need to have stored.

Get a price estimate from your favorite tool center.

How much experience does the Tool Box Buff have in dealing with your equipment problem?

Is the business address secure?

What is the business phone number?

Do not order tools without knowing the size, model and specifications of your tool purchases?

Are you a US citizen or have branches in other countries?

Sound scary? If it is. This is a great time to get a USip. Ask for proof of your eligibility for USip and check with your local postal service to make sure your your applicant is really an illegal alien. Not all illegal immigrants are closely monitored.

Ask about lunches and lunches prices. A fair full priced lunches will be provided by a local businessmen. For more prices visit your localaturated foods market for a price to be given. These merchants set their lunches prices to pay off ethnic merchants.

Ask your rep for information on the owner/operator and business phone number.

When buying a hand tool, look for a tool with a large hand grip.

Look for tools with a well designed trigger switch.

Ask to see the tools manual before you buy it.

Get a Repair Manual, Don’t be cheap. This is useful information to know when you need to restore your tools.

Don’t buy tools that are used or scratched, this way it will force you to try your repairing skills.

Go to a local hardware shop and examine the tools you are going to purchase.

Go to a local and western home improvement and remodeling center get a tool with good torque, a long handle, good balance, is designed well, has a trigger and comes with a warranty.

Make sure you shop around. Go to many stores and inspect tools.